Saturday, January 26, 2013

How To Make Spooky Halloween Candles

Candles.......another obsession actually it's more of a candle holder obsession. Take a peek below. For my daughters Halloween par-tay I needed candles with the I'm so scary with the wax dripping everywhere look. I don't burn candles like that normally, so I created it! I spray painted with some leftover paint I had in our garage 8 bottles white and 8 bottles black. I collected the bottles from friends over the week, I used wine, beer, soda and salsa bottles. I had a teensy bit of gold paint left in a can so I randomly sprayed it on the bottles untill it was gone. They didn't take long to dry. They were pretty, a little to pretty not that I'm so scary with the wax dripping everywhere look. I went to my candle bin and fished out a broken white candle. I melted the candle on the stove while I placed all the bottles on foil because I knew it was about to be game on! While holdin the bottle over the pan of melted wax at a slight tilt , I used a spoon to "drip" wax down the bottles. I used the white wax on the black bottles and then I added black dye to the rest of the wax and dripped the black wax onto the white painted bottles. I repeated the drip on each one until I achieved my desired effect. Not to shabby, just the right about of spookiness I was going for :)
Halloween Candles (side note I have been using them ever since the Halloweeen party changing the candles and I just love it!)



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