Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spooky Forest in the house!!!!

Sneak Peek! Here is a little bit of the Spooky Forest Halloween Party I did for my daughter (2012) I will eventually come back to this post and add more pictures and how I did it tips:) I place large 12'-14' dead trees in the house decorated. It was a blast! I loved the candles (here) I am still using them!
Goodies Station! On the left in the Halloween cups I made "microwave cupcakes' I found the recipe on a blog.....FAIL! They were so cute but that was it.
 Caramel Apples to go!

Spoons with white chocolate and candy pressed in
There's those PB & J sand-WITCHES
Drink Station

I used cut wood to display food items

Oreos dipped in white chocolate and black icing writing

Vials filled with skull and crossbones candies topped with a cork

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