Friday, January 25, 2013

Creative Food Ideas For Kids

Don't play with your food right? I mean it's rude....... or is it? I guess it depends on who you are!!! I love fruits and vegetables and a lot of what we (I) create comes from food! Aren't you inspired by the shapes the colors the textures? Well here are a few times that I have played with food, it's usually for my daughter but sometimes I build a mashed potato castle just for me :)
Rainbow of yumminess!!!
When my daughter was starting to eat lots of different solid foods I was obsessed with getting all the amazing colors of different food in her diet. I wanted her to have a well rounded palate for different flavors and most of all be healthy! Here is one of the ways I encouraged her to eat a variety of food. This particular picture was taken before she had a friend over for a play date and snack :)
Found a pic I ddn't use for Instagram :)
I used dark chocolate chips, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, chicken, salba nuts, avocado, lettuce, bananas, blackberries, strawberries, carrots, cheddar bunny crackers, hummus, sour cream and onion bunny crackers and cucumbers! My daughter loved it, I still love making my rainbow taster trays for her!!! O by the way I use ice cube trays for this over the rainbow flavor :)
So on another play date my friend packed her son this pre-made peanut butter and jelly round sandwich with no crust in a plastic packet, did I mention it was white bread???!!!!
*Side note, I am a little weird about food, I like my food items fresh and we eat primarily organic. I choose not to eat meat and the only sugar in our house is the packets you find at restaurants for our guest when I am serving coffee.
As I stared at the packet debating whether to actually give them this food item a picture flashed through my thoughts of those awesome bento boxes that are amazingly designed to be animals and depict scenes and then it came..... (side note....I served these sandwiches my daughters Halloween party te-he-he)
My little under the sea, fish food creation!!! The kids loved it!!! I had a blast putting the plates together and even a more amazing time seeing the look on their faces when I gave them their snack!
So lesson learned........
Just because I won't eat it, doesn't mean I can't make it cute for others to eat :)
Chocolate stuffed orange slash jack o lantern yumminess!!!!
I love to make these! They are time consuming to "prep" but so worth it!!!
Here's what I do.....
Cut the top off the orange
Hollow it out (takes a little work) but don't take the pulp out to the rind inside (adds flavor)
Now use your favorite brownie recipe
(I used my triple chocolate recipe)
Fill the hollowed orange
Baked in the oven
Let the orange cool completely
Pipe a face on with chocolate!
Ooooo La La
Delish and Creative!!!!!!!
Hope you all enjoyed this post and I can't wait to hear if any of you try out these fun foods!!!

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