Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Handy Helper (AND A GIVEAWAY)

 My handy helper bracelet!!! Not only a huge help but stylish also!!!!! I use it when I'm hanging pictures, banners, sewing doing my hair, the list goes on! It will hold my bobby pins, small nails, thumbtacks, needles and more. Keeps my mouth clean...... yes you know you hold that stuff in your mouth too.
So I am not going to put the tutorial up until I get 50 followers, yep that's right I said FIFTY! I have been getting an average of over 150 visits a day to my blog, but why no love???!!!! BUT WAIT, once I get fifty followers I will give away this bracelet too!!! So to encourage you to be part of my blog, try something new, leave a comment, yep that's right I'm bribing YOU!!!! It's doesn't really work well with my daughter but hopefully it will work for you!!!! So join the club and this awesome bracelet could be yours! 

My followers now each have a 50% chance to win, lets made those odds a little harder :)
*****Don't want to wait??? You can purchase one for $30 and start putting it to use! Contact me at

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