Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paper Flowers, Book Pages??!!! What??? NO!!!

So once upon a time there was this craze, it was crafting with book pages. Ok so that statement kind of hurts my ears. Tearing pages out of a book??!!! Not that I haven't seen parties and gathering with really creative decorations and ideas all using book pages but I just didn't think I could do it, until......... My Grandmas house. I found a book in their shed under a skyscraper of spiders and their webs, laying in a stale puddle of water, torn in half. There it was that book that I just might be able to craft with. Wait though not until I tried every possible technique to salvage this book. I was unsuccessful in saving the book. Out of the over 500 pages I was able to sentence about 50 pages to doom for my use. After lots of thought and consideration of how I was going to use these precious pages I decided paper flowers. Beautiful paper flowers that the words on these pages could live so sentimental. After the first agonizing scissor cut through the page I became desensitized and in my own world of creation I cut, rolled, shaped and glued all the pages into my lively flowers. (saving every scrap for future use) I had a leftover branch from our Halloween party that I had about 20 visions for prior to this idea but this time I was going to use it! This was its purpose :)
I messy cut in a circle all the way in a circle to the middle you can also cut in a spiral with no mess. The one on the left is the clean edge spiral cut the one on the right is a messy cut. I did all mine free hand with scissors :) I put an X on what I refer to as the glue tab (you can barely see the X but it's there :) 
Book pages measuring approximately 6"x10"

Some pages I cut in half and made two flowers per a page other pages I got one flower out of it.

Here's how I did it..............

I started at the outside of the circle I cut where the point was and rolled the paper until I got to the center


I gently let go of the rolled paper holding it in place with my hand until I liked the shape 

I put a dot of glue on the "tab" that was the center of the circle 

And wham my paper flowers.......from a book :)
When I glued the flowers onto the branch I used that same glue tab to wrap the flower on the branch to hold the paper flower in place
*TIP I used my high temperature glue gun, going back I would have used a low temperature one to keep the glue from dripping 
It's going in my stair well when I'm done!!! (to hang out with Casper)


  1. Very nice way to salvage old papers. The flowers look very pretty.

  2. Very nice way to salvage old papers. The flowers look very pretty.