Sunday, January 27, 2013

Deer, is it done? White Silhouette

A couple of summers ago I decided to hop onto the deer, antler, animal trend. I think it looked better in store front windows and in pictures personally then in my house. But there I was sculpting antlers, painting empty frames to hang and creating a deer silhouette.

I free handed a deer on black card stock while looking at a picture I liked. I then used a projector to blow up the image onto a board. Now I wish I knew what this specific board is called I get it from the construction store and is kinda material like on one side and slick on the other let me show you......if you know the name please let me know! Left is what I call the material like side right is what I call the slick do I survive????
So on the material like side I painted my silhouette white. That was it!!! I hung it in our living room wall so proud, it did look a little out of place but I created it so I was pretty confident of myself. As soon as my husband got home I went into this blabbering one sided conversation about the deer and how this stuff is the rage right now, how it looked good with the other antlers, frames and pictures (he was just starring at me and occasionally glancing at the deer) I then spilled into how I was making bookends to match and they were going to be metal colored. Finally I noticed I was the only one talking. Well I said? His response, "Is it done?" Ugh I shessed, "You don't get art.........I'm also framing it." Side note....My husband is an artist :) So now my Deer makes his appearance from the garage at Christmas and sometimes in my stairwell until I can find something else for him :)
The silhouette is about 9.5" across and 18" tall, his name is Casper.

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