Friday, January 25, 2013

Stopping by? Learn a little about me :)

Thank you for stopping by!!!

First off I am a proud wife and momma!!!! :)

I've always been cheap.....not in the penny pinching sort of way but in the I see something pick it up look at the price tag and say "I can make this.....for way cheaper!" Why not just buy it? It's a challenge I guess, to see what I can do. Now that being said I know my limits, I'm not here to compete with Picasso but at the same time I like a little competition! :) I create, its what I do , whether it's in the kitchen the garden my craft room or in my head all day, I create. I love to plan parties, o my, since having my daughter it has become an obsession and I love it! My husband and I love to host I could fill up a blog on our gatherings alone (maybe I'll be a writer, squirrel) ooops never mind back to my love of crafting. I have had friends, family and acquaintances along the way tell I should do more with my uh whats it called, well I'll call it talent! My sweet husband has always told me that I'm the bomb at what I do throughout the year and tonight has given me the encouragement to blog and share. So thanks to him there's one more crazy crafter sharing her ideas that I am sure someone else has but not with my spunk :)

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