Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentines Countdown In A Frame! 14 days of LOVE!

It's February, woot woot! I will be posting a little something you can do everyday! Hopefully you will find something you like to create for those you love or to keep for yourself! Spoiler alert friends and family you will be getting one or more of what you see! So everyone check back each day and by the time Valentines is here you will have lots of gifts made with love to give!!!! I am going to be using everything for a special surprise also, I will keep you posted :) 
Countdowns aren't just for Christmas! Thanksgiving and Christmas and in between can be such a hectic time! It's a bit busier, there is so much going on, don't even get me started on when, where and who the Holidays are spent with!!! I prefer to spend them mostly at our home with our family creating our own memories and traditions. So I enjoy all the other holidays where there isn't as much hustle and bustle. Like Valentine's Day! My daughter will not know the stresses of the Holidays for many many years until maybe when she has her own family and ideas so for now I encourage love, delight and thankfulness during all holidays throughout the year. Here is our countdown to Valentine's Day! 14 days to be thankful for love and whoever you love or what you love :)

Here's what you need! (above picture)
Mini Clothes Pins (or big)
Baker's Twine (or ribbon, string)
Paint or Glitter Glue (I used both)
Mini Note cads with Envelopes
Glue or tape (I used glue dots and tape)
I used a frame I already had and taped bakers twine across

I then painted clothes pins......white ones and pinks ones for two rows, one row I used red glitter glue and left one row all natural

I placed glitter foam hearts alternating colors on the envelopes

On the first envelope I wrote "all you need is....<3" with a <3 for love)

On the last envelope I wrote  "< all you need"


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