Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chocolate Strawberry Chews

O so sweet then tangy!!! These are scrumptious and easy homemade filled chocolates! I used two items! Semi sweet melting chocolate and strawberries! Don't forget to check out the cute and easy construction paper boxes I made to give these yummy sweets away in!

Preheat oven to 210 (doesn't take long) remove the green tops on strawberries and place on cookie sheet in a single layer.

Baked in the over for 4 hours (I actually had to bake mine about 4 and half, it might vary for you also)

I then placed the strawberries in the refrigerator overnight.

This morning I melted semisweet chocolate in a glass bowl in the microwave and dipped the entire strawberry.

There you are, chocolate strawberry chews!
Why o Why do Holidays have to be so sugary addicting!!!!

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