Sunday, February 3, 2013

Burlap Board for those Valentines LOVE Push Pin Holders

I was going to make a different push pin board but my daughter gave me the opportunity to use my frame again. Quiet does not equal peace, if I hadn't been so panicked I would of taken a picture of her sitting inside the Valentines Day Countdown I made, with all the envelopes opened, hearts scattered and the cloths pins missing. I think there was a piece of bakers string left hanging :) Someone is excited for Valentines Day :)

Well here's to another use for one of my favorite frames :)

I cut out a piece of foam board the inside dimensions of the frame. I then wrapped burlap around the front of the foam board gluing it onto the back side This made the board fit nice and snug also into the frame
Now push your LOVE push pin holders on to the burlap covered foam board!
You can use this to display your notes, Valentines, sweet nothings or make a new Valentines Countdown (LOL)

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