Thursday, February 7, 2013

Metallic Valentines Day Candle Holder!

This is so calming and beautiful! I did make a mistake and grab the wrong paint...ooops (must be that caffeine :) Since I was playing with rubbing alcohol and paint earlier I decided to try on this! It turned out so artsy!

Here's the steps and the picture below shows what I used!

First off......I placed the foam stickers on the clear cylinder vase but then painted the vase with the wrong paint :) I took a detour and decided to squirt a little bit of alcohol only onto the wrong paint and give a quick spray with the correct paint.
After it dried I took the foam stickers off (it did have a nice 3D look at that point) and ta-da! I put a candle inside with some decorative pebbles and just stared....................
I wish I was able to take beautiful low light pictures! The room was full of beautiful hearts and a warm relaxing glow!

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