Friday, February 8, 2013

A Valentine for the man in your life (kids too)

Metallic Magnet Cars!!!! These are great for a guy (little guy or big guy) In the garage or kids bedroom! I made this one for the hubby for his garage :)
All you need is ....... paint (love this stuff) some cars (mine are plastic) magnets (I used strip magnets and cut small squares) and a place to put them (I made a magnetic board)
I painted the cars in a box,*uses less spray paint if you don't know how to properly use spray paint like me :)
Let them dry.
Glue magnets on the bottom.

Give him them on a **magnetic board for Valentine's day with some cute love coupons, notes, movie tickets or anything you like.

**I will post how to make different magnetic boards in the future :)
Then you can hang cute little hunny do's for him throughout the year or he can remind himself of things he needs to get done (ah-em)
Aw....a gift with an ulterior motive :)

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