Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Healthier Heart Sandwich for Valentines Day!

Now we have all seen the sandwiches around Valentines day with the bread cut out. The bread heart cutout is then replaced with sprinkles, frosting, marshmallows the cream too! So how about a beautiful red apple???!!! Yep that's right a pb and apple sandwich, maybe even with a drizzle of honey! Also for those with peanut allergies what about a sandwich for you? See below for a few yummy sandwiches for the family! *****Don't worry I will give examples of those sugary ones too, I know some moms like you love the sweet stuff :) but first the apple heart ;)
I put these sandwiches together quickly and a little sloppy but hopefully you get the idea and yours come out beautiful! I had already made these this weekend and with no kiddos today I wasn't going to be eating them so I just took quick pics. lol 
We have all seen the frosting heart in the middle the heart filled with strawberries, cream cheese mixed with food coloring and the sprinkles ones :) How about an apple one! For the healthier snack!

 Spread peanut butter on your bread, cut a heart shaped apple piece and place inside your heart cut out! You could also use any red jelly, strawberry, raspberry to peek through the heart shaped cut out!

Or for those with peanut allergies or for another healthy option what about meat and cheese! I used white cheese and colored it red with food coloring spray! Ta-da! Amazing and so many options! Enjoy!
 I bought pink and red!!! I gave the white cheese a squirt in the middle so you can see the color differences! Love this stuff!
*****The sugary sweet combos!
Peanut butter with red or pink icing!
How about peanut butter with miniature marshmallows??? Spray your marshmallows with color mist!
Cream cheese mixed with marshmallow cream then top with sprinkles!!!
I used white bread for the "color pop" lol  the first time I have ever bought it and gave it to my daughter. She liked it but now I hope she forgets about it!!! :)

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