Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Celebration Table!!!

IT'S HERE! LOVE DAY!!! I stayed up late putting together our family Valentine's Day table and making some last minute sweets!!!

****If you see something you like that didn't make it to the blog , let me know! I didn't make a tutorial on everything I made but if you want one I'll do it!
My daughter was so excited she started singing Happy Birthday, she just melts my heart! She clapped jumped up and down yelling "happy!" Aw she makes it all worth it :) Thank you for taking a peek at our set up. We have invited friends and family to stop by for amazing sweets and Valentine's gifts! Share the love!

DIY Dessert Plates (bottom middle right)
Scrap paper wrapped candy bars (bottom middle left)
DIY Paper Boxes (above the Chocolate Strawberry Chews)
DIY Metallic Heart Candle Holder (above DIY paper boxes)
Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries (middle middle :)
Chalkboard painted platter (top left)
Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mocha Mousse in Chocolate Tuxedo Cups (top middle)
DIY Paper Rose Bouquet (very top middle)
Burlap Push Pin Board (in the back)
LOVE Push Pin Holders (on the board in the back)
Pebble Strand Garland (middle wall)
Heart Felt Garland (top of wall)


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  1. It all looks great! Thanks for stopping by my blog!