Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birthday Party Planning!

Birthday craziness is in full effect!!! I have so much to do, all the little details seem to take forever but it is totally worth it!!!! I love detail! Until after our daughters party which is March 2nd, I will mainly be posting free printables here and there. Photoshop stuff is what I have been working on like crazy these past few days!
My little sweetie is having a puppy themed party :) She is obsessed with puppies and it has only gotten worse since my husband gave her one as an early birthday present (sigh). I have tried to make her birthday party gender friendly since she has a lot of little friends that are boys but o my we do love pink!!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO POST ALL I HAVE DONE!!!! I am so excited for it all to come together and I am sure I will be posting a peek or two!!! Have a wonderful day, week, month!!!! Enjoy!!

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