Saturday, February 9, 2013

Red Metallic Tassel for Valentines Day!

I love to make these tassels for holidays, parties, gatherings! It goes along with my love of tissue paper! Plus it's easy and cheap :) I found this red metallic tissue paper and right away I knew it was going to be on my wall...........tassel form.....for love day :)

Grab some tissue paper, scissors, string and lets make some tassel!!!

 Take one sheet of tissue paper and fold longways
Cut the folded tissue paper about 1/2 inch strips wide up to about and inch or two from your crease.
***side note I use to take my time and make perfect cuts up and even across after a hundred of them I have a differant take. My cuts are quick, uneven and somewhat jagged but it looks the same :) and it's much faster now that I'm not to picky with these anymore :)
After you have cut across unfold the tissue paper where the cuts are on each side.
I love that this is silver on one side! Snazzy!
 Start from one side and roll down the middle where the crease was. 

Once you get to the end you can twist and fold over or just fold over, tie with some string. Leave an opening in the loop you folded over to run your ribbon or string through for your garland.

 Gently straighten your tissue paper untangleing any of the tassle pieces.
I cut the tassel the same length across the bottom after I was done
Continue to make as many as you want!!
I will show you this pretty tassel piece in action on Valentine's Day!!!

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