Saturday, February 16, 2013

Easy Ombre Nails With Only One Color Of Polish!

Ok, I know that the Ombre everything has had it's 15 minutes of fame many times over. I think it's still nice to break out the ombre every once in a while, especially on my nails. First of all it's easy and it's gives your nails great dimension if you don't have much time to do them all snazzy. All you need is a dark color, white polish and a paper plate! That's it!
I'm starting with my thumb as the darkest nail.
First paint one nail on both hands with your choice of nail color.
Next pour a small amount of the polish on your paper palate, add a small drop of white, mix and paint your next nail on both your hands.
Add another drop of white, mix and paint your next nail on each hand. Continue adding a drop of white until all nails, toes or all are painted!
Beautiful, easy, consistent colored ombre nails!

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