Wednesday, February 6, 2013

$1 NO SEW pillow! Perfect for Valentines Day Decor!

No Sew and did I mention it only cost me a dollar!!
It turned out elegant and whimsical!
I had the paint and stuffing already but even if you didn't it wouldn't cost you too much :)
I bought this red place mat for $1 and made the flower out of a scrap piece of burlap!
So back to NO SEW!!!!! I love no sew projects that look like you sewed :) 
 *****Now here's a bunch of side notes..... I tried using the white paint marker in the picture.......BIG FAIL! It did not work for me after several tries. I don't know if it was the fabric, me, the marker, who knows. All I know is I spent too much time trying to make it work.
So then I went rummaging for other white stuff in my craft room, nope none of that....every other color I mean every color but something white of use!!!
So I decided to look for white paint, bingo! So I painted the place mat instead with a small brush. (make sure you paint your place mat first while it's flat with no stuffing)
I then cut the stitches out of about one third on the side.
After the paint dried I stuff the pillow with some stuffing I had. (I could have stuffed it better obviously! I need to go back and do that but I needed the picture more:)
Now I could of restitched the area I made the opening and you could but I said no sew, so I glued it!
It worked and looks just fine :)
 I then placed a burlap flower I made on the outside and there it is my pillow that cost me a dollar, a big fail, a little time and some thinking!
Any advice with the paint marker anyone? Thanks!!

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