Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine Bouquet To Last All Year

Here's a half a dozen paper rose bouquet that I kinda want to keep for myself! You could do yours with a dozen red roses if you wanted :)
 I trimmed one of our shrubs outside for the branches, grabbed a jelly jar, some twine and sequin ribbon and of course paper flowers which you can learn to DIY HERE
I wrapped the jar in twine except for where the rim is up top, I covered that with my sequin ribbon. I stuck the branches in the vase and poured glue into the bottom to hold the sticks in place. I then glued on my paper flowers I made from red card stock.
I love this creataion! :) It is such a beautiful combination.
After a day though I didn't like the way the inside of the glass looked so I filled it will little pebbles.

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