Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine #7 and how I am doing :)

Today's Valentine's post marks the halfway point! While I have had so much fun, I didn't realize what this commitment would mean. My husband had to leave town for work and may be gone longer then expected. This had been hard juggling a new puppy (ugh I feel all I smell is dog lol) my lovely daughter who chooses on her terms her potty training schedule (I could write many post on this subject) and my tons and tons of party planning and projects!!!!! I'm a bit shaky right now from my yet another cup of coffee. I feel the bags under my eyes can be spotted before anyone even knows who I am. But I'm chugging right along with my caffeine engine........well kinda chugging :)
When I laid out my projects for this there were some pretty awesome ones but now the list has downsized a bit. I will definitely use my other ideas on future post. Day 11, 12 and 13 are awesome foods, sweets for my sweets :) as for now I am going to go and work on Valentine Day project #7. I hope it turns out as pretty as in mind, and no fails like yesterday's post. Have a wonderful day! The weather is beautiful today, finally, so why complain :)

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